book one of the mds series

by Craig Herdern

The young Lucinda Soames-Parker, brought up in a dysfunctional family environment, discovers a terrible secret when she joins a drug trial at university.

Lu experiences what she believes to be just a drug induced nightmare, but the truth is far more frightening. The drug has fundamentally altered her brain chemistry, allowing her to access a multiverse highway of infinite doppelganger worlds. Unfortunately, it is a domain already subjugated by narcissistic despots...

Lucinda learns that in the multiverse, natural laws do not apply, with the brains senses being radically altered. The powers acquired though, bestow limitless possibilities.

Lu begins a torturous journey, where she will meet some of the worst of humankind. From the seventeenth century Blood Countess of Galicia and Jack the Ripper, to the Nazi Bitch of the Lubelski death camps and the family she thought she knew...

At the same time, fallout from the gathering adversaries, trigger misery in the real world. Multiple murders, police investigations, arrests and imprisonment. Lucinda, though, still manages to squeeze in a little bit of romance...

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